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Common HVAC Repairs People Forget About

Your HVAC system is something you rely on throughout the year. Whether you have an air conditioner and a furnace heater or a heat pump system, you’ll need every part of your HVAC system to work properly in order to keep things comfortable.

Perhaps your home comfort level has been suffering lately. Things haven’t been very comfortable and you feel like your money is wasted trying to run your heater or air conditioner. We understand why you’d be frustrated! Thankfully we can help get things working again. Read on to start figuring out if you need an HVAC repair in Dover, PA.

Potential HVAC Repairs You May Need

Don’t forget to be on the alert for these possible repair needs that your HVAC system may develop.

  • Broken vents: Your vents are like the final exit that your air has to pass through after traveling through the highway which is your ductwork. If that vent or “doorway” is closed or bent, it is going to make it harder or nearly impossible for air to get into your home and keep you comfortable.
  • Bent or ripped filters: Filters serve to clean up the air that is flowing into your HVAC system. If the filter is compromised by being bent or ripped, it won’t be able to do its job properly and will allow dust to start wreaking havoc on your system.
  • Dry motor belts: The belts and bearings in the blower motor need lubrication. If they become dry, they will start to create a screeching noise. Aside from being obnoxious, this is also a warning that the belt or bearings will be breaking down in the near future unless they are lubricated and fixed.
  • Leaking refrigerant: You may think this particular HVAC repair only impacts your air conditioning needs. However, if you have a heat pump system it also has an effect on your ability to heat the house in the winter.
  • A dirty condensate pan: Condensation can occur in most HVAC systems. This will drip into your condensate pan and will collect some level of dust and debris as it does. Your condensate pan can become dirty over time and will need to be cleaned out so that it doesn’t become a breeding ground for mildew.
  • Thermostat issues: The thermostat is the control center for your heater and AC systems. If something goes wrong with your thermostat, it can and will mess with your ability to warm or cool your home. Don’t forget to have your thermostat checked out if you are having trouble with your HVAC systems.

Keeping your heater and air conditioner in working order can be tricky. That’s why it’s best to work with professionals like the ones on our team. Our team is trained, licensed, and certified to ensure that each aspect of your comfort system works just the way it’s supposed to.

Need help with HVAC maintenance or repairs? Contact Regal Plumbing, Heating and A/C to schedule your service. Committed to Service, Committed to You, Since 1974.

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