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When Do You Need Duct Sealing?

How do you feel about leaks? Just the word probably makes you nervous, right? Leaks aren’t good, often because they’re the cause of water damage and major trouble in your home.

Leaks don’t just impact your home plumbing though. They’re also a problem for your ductwork and your overall HVAC system.

We know that the idea of an air leak that isn’t impacting your tires probably feels like something you can brush off. However, leaks in your ductwork can negatively impact your home comfort, stress your heater and AC, and increase your monthly energy bills.

Here’s what to know about duct leaks and when to schedule duct sealing in York, PA.

Why Duct Leaks Are a Bigger Problem Than People Think

It’s estimated that a leak in your ductwork can cause a loss of up to 30% of the air that your HVAC system is trying to send into your home. That loss adds up fast.

Any duct leak, even a small one, will allow temperature-controlled air to escape into the crawlspaces or attic of your home. This prevents it from reaching any of the areas that actually need heating and cooling. As you can guess, duct leaks will therefore reduce the comfort in your home. But the problem doesn’t stop there.

Duct leaks will also result in longer heating and cooling cycles because the system will still try to get the indoor temperature under control. The longer the system runs, the more wear and tear it accrues, increasing the risk of repair and potentially shortening the system’s lifespan.

Lastly, duct leaks can mess with your indoor air quality as unfiltered air gets pulled into the ductwork in place of the clean air that is supposed to go into your home.

Addressing Duct Leaks

Put the duct tape down. Despite its name, this adhesive is not made for patching up problematic ductwork. In fact, trying to use duct tape to fix a leak in your ductwork can actually cause further damage.

Duct sealing is a service that our team provides which will address this issue head-on. This effectively seals up the leak, stopping any and all air loss. Effective duct sealing will help improve your comfort and your overall energy efficiency. Just make sure that you get duct sealing performed by a trained professional to prevent further damage to this vital part of your system.

How to Tell It’s Time To Schedule Duct Services

Your ductwork isn’t exactly in plain sight so it can be hard to figure out if your ducts have a leak that needs to be fixed. Here are some indicators to watch for that will let you know it’s time to reach out to a professional to examine your ducts:

  • Weakened airflow in one or more parts of the house
  • Dustier air exiting your vents
  • Increased heating or cooling bills
  • Noises such as hissing caused by air escaping through leaks

You need a reliable delivery system to ensure that your HVAC system doesn’t have to do more work than usual. Let’s work together to keep your ducts in prime condition.

Contact Regal Plumbing, Heating and A/C to schedule your duct sealing and other home comfort services. Committed to Service, Committed to You, Since 1974.

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