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Duct Cleaning: Do I Really Need It?

Duct cleaning is a service that might seem optional. And honestly, it is. You have a choice in whether or not you schedule a duct cleaning for your home every 3-5 years or not. However, skipping out on this HVAC service can negatively affect your air conditioner, heater, and even your home and family. 

If it’s been a while since you scheduled a duct cleaning in York, PA, we encourage you to schedule one now ahead of the winter season. You can keep reading to learn more about why duct cleaning is so important for your home and family.

Indoor Air Quality

One of the top reasons to schedule a duct cleaning service is to improve your indoor air quality. Your air filter can only do so much to remove harmful particles from the air. The average air filters for HVAC systems only remove up to 85% of the particles in your air. That means 15% or more continue through the air filter and make their way into your HVAC system. 

As years go, by these particles can add up to create a significant layer of dust inside of your ductwork. This dust then stirs up and mixes in with clean air to blow back out into your home, creating a cycle that is difficult to break. But when you invest in duct cleaning, you can get a fresh start to improve your indoor air quality.

AC and Heating Considerations

When dirt and dust stir up from inside of your ductwork and mix with airflow it interferes with how much conditioned air is actually able to reach your home. Your ductwork needs to be completely airtight and clean for airflow to reach her home in the most effective way. 

The interference means that some of your heated or cooled air can get trapped in the ductwork, leading to your air conditioner and heater having to work harder than usual. This strain can add up over time to shorten your HVAC system’s lifespan. Dust may seem like a minor inconvenience, but dirty ducts can have a lasting impact if they aren’t addressed.

Opportunity for Inspection

A duct cleaning is not just vacuuming out and wiping down the inside of your ductwork. It’s also an opportunity for us to inspect each of the seams and individual pieces of ductwork for holes. Even the tiniest holes allow conditioned air to escape and they also allow dust and dirt to get in and make the problem worse. 

During duct cleaning, our team can also seal and repair any areas of your ductwork that need the service. This can help you keep your ductwork clean for longer. Ideally, you want to schedule the service every 3-5 years. Any more frequently can do more harm than good because the ductwork is so delicate. Waiting too long can put a major strain on your AC or heater. 

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